As most of you know, who read this blog, there are times in the season when the weather just doesn’t cooperate and I post stuff about what I did that weekend, even if it isn’t boating related.  Well this year there is another wrench in the works.  I started a new job.  The company is called Storwize.  What is interesting about Storwize is that the R&D center is in Tel Aviv.  Now I had never been to Israel nor worked with an Israeli company but I am finding this to be a wonderful experience.  Since the beginning of the year I have been 3 times and I think for a total of 25+ or so days.  (I only hope this doesn’t impact my summer boating.)

One thing I learned about the Israeli culture is that they work Sunday to Thursday.  So Friday and Saturday are their weekends.  This past Friday, Phil our Support manager, took me to Jerusalem.  All I can say is wow.  First, Phil was the best tour guide.  He had studied up on all the things he felt we would want to know about and took us around.  It was a magnificent trip.  (Phil also became a dad this week – Congratulations.)

These photos don’t do the country justice.  It really is beautiful over there.  Behind me in the picture you can see the west wall of and where a lot of folks go to pray.

Also, I’d love to do some boating on the Mediterranean some time as well.

April 20th, 2010Tis the Season

Well, after a ‘late’ start – late being relative – the countdown clock said we would put the boat in the water on the 16th but the weather was too poor.  However, the stars aligned (and a volcano went off) that canceled my trip to London so on Monday the 19th the Donna Julie II was launched for the 2010 season.

The trip went well, and just like the day we left, the LNG tanker was leaving the harbor so we had to wait around for a while near Donna’s office (the Design Center) and then we made it into our slip.  I haven’t lost the parking touch.  We docked and we are now ready for the new season.

Next weekend I’ll be in Israel so I hope that the weather isn’t good enough for boating so I don’t miss anything.

More updates to come as it is the boating season again.

Captain Steve

Okay, I am not a fan of folks that create blog posts that say – “Sorry I haven’t updated in a while…” so I am not going to apologize.  Instead I’ll tell ya about what ‘we’ (the marina folk) have been up to as best I can and tell you we are all upset the season is over and we are all looking forward to the 2010 boating season.  (If you don’t believe me, I was convinced by Ryan to find a ‘count down timer’ widget to put on the blog that is counting down the days until April 16 – the day after tax day – to put the boat back in the water – check it out.)

So the big delay in the blog was after the Labor Day party I took off to Germany for 2 weeks for work.  It was a great trip.  The middle weekend I ran into one of my college roommates I hadn’t seen in 18 years – since college.  He and his family are living in Munich.  Chris took me around Munich and gave me a great tour and we got caught up – it was great.

The other season, come to find out, that a bunch of us are passionate about is the hockey season.

This year my friend Brian and I have a few seats to a bunch of Bruins games.  Ryan is passionate about the B’s and on Halloween Tony, Kathy, Ryan, Paul, Betty, Frank, Dale and bunch of other folks got a box at the Bruins.  They had a blast.

We will be looking forward to the Boston Boat Show this year.  It is always fun to look at new toys.  Rumor has it that Kathy and Tony upgraded already :) We shall see and are anxious to check it out.

Tony and Kathy held a great party at their house in NH for their daughter who is entering the Navy.  It was great to see them, they have a great pad, and a bunch of folks from the marina showed up and we hung out and had some FANTASTIC food.

Other than that not much is going on. Donna and I frequent our favorite Korean / Japanese Restaurant in Newton called Apgujung.  Jim is the bar tender there and he is super friendly and has become a good friend.  He even helped us celebrate Labor Day at the Marina.  I highly recommend checking out the joint.  Jackie, the owner is a great guy, always makes you fell welcome and does some great experimentation w/ Sushi and other dishes.

Steve and I are also working on Paul’s new web site for Reel Pursuit.  I am psyched to do it and I hope it lives up to Paul’s expectations, we want to make it great.

Donna and I are also redoing our kitchen, well I should say Donna is redoing our kitchen and I am sure it is going to be AWESOME.  If you don’t know, Donna is a kitchen designer by trade – the best in Boston I may add and is the Owner Operator of Venegas and Company.  If you need a kitchen in and around New England, its worth a trip to the Boston Design Center and check it out.

The marina Christmas party is in a couple of weeks and that should be fun.  We have a bunch more hockey to see.  I am planning on having folks over to watch the Olympics this year.  Olympic hockey is always great.

Well, I am sure there will be lots more news between now and the Boat Show – which is usually the start of the Boating Blog for the season, however not sure there will be many updates between now and then.  So, Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s and Happy New Year to all.  May it be safe and I look forward to boating and blogging next season.

Captain Steve K

October 7th, 2009Going Both Ways

Paul? On a Sail Boat?

Paul? On a Sail Boat?

I will apologize from the start on the title of this post, for those of you wondering what will follow take your mind out of the gutter.  This past Saturday I accompanied Mike out into the harbor on his sailboat.  On the surface this subject hardly appears to be exciting enough to deserve it’s own blog post.  However when you put a Fishing Charter Captain on board who has the same tolerance for sailboats as he does for being smacked in the face with a brick it makes for an interesting day.  The weather was perfect and Mike was patient with those of us who had no idea what we were doing.  I must admit it is rather enjoyable to be on the water with no engine noise and working as a group in order to sail the boat.  A few high points of the day included Steve loosing one of the valuable tin mugs from his collection, all of us scrambling to hold on when the boat tipped in the wind, Betty Ann’s lunch which is always perfect, and Paul attempting to get Mike to cut off any other sailboat we saw.  At the end of the day when we were sitting at the dock and having a beer laughing about the day, Mike asked Paul what he though of his day under sail.  Paul looked around to make sure no one was around to hear what was about to come out of his mouth and said “you know, it was not that bad”.  I will leave you with this, the amount of days we have left to be on the water this year are slowly leaving us, take advantage of them all on whatever boat is around sail or power.

How many power boaters does it take to firl a sail?

How many power boaters does it take to furl a sail?

September 13th, 2009Country Party – Labor Day ’09

Stardate September 6, 2009

It’s one of the weekends we look most forward to, as well as one of the weekends we look least forward to.  We look most forward to this weekend because it is one of the three weekends we all hang out at the dock or in the harbor for the whole weekend and we are with friends.  This weekend was no exception and this weekend was perfect weather.  We look least forward to this weekend because it means that the summer is winding down (even though I try to keep the boat in the water until mid Oct) there are only a few weekends left.

Friday Donna and I took her niece and their parents for a fun boat ride in Boston Harbor – it was a great way to start the weekend.

On Saturday Donna and I did one of our most favorite things – we anchored out at Peddock Island and just relaxed for a few hours.  Then Paul from Reel Pursuit wanted to have some photos of his boat taken so he brought his boat

out into the harbor and we met up with him and Donna took about 300 pictures with the new camera – here is a great shot of Paul’s boat.

After we took our photos, Paul, Betty, Donna and I along with Steve all went to dinner.  We wanted to get some good rest because Sunday was our big Labor Day party.  This weekend, we decided to forgo all of the hot dogs, hamburgers and sausages and try something a bit more creative than a simple ‘meat fest’.  The thing we tried this weekend was that each boat was to pick a country they wanted to represent.  Then, they needed to bring to the party a food an beverage from that country.  We had a diverse set of countries selected, Germany, USA (ha – Donna and I took the easy way out), Spain, BVI (British Virgin Islands – yeah, the Pussers Rum killed me), Italy, and Cuba.  We had a blast.  Some people even decided to dress up for the occasion.  I made this fun Animoto video from some of the pictures - I hope you enjoy it.  (If the movie below doesn’t play, select the hyperlink above.)

Well, only a few more weekends left of this years boating season.  I think Donna and I are back on ‘boating schedule’.  We put about 100 hours on the boat so far this year and it has really been a fun summer.

Stay tuned for some updates for the last few weekends and pray for an Indian Summer.

Captain SteveK

Okay, I am not one to complain, but the boating season in Boston is really only about 16 weeks long (unless your hard core like Donna and I and pull out about 20 to 21 weeks) but its not that long.  Especially when you consider that you really only use the boat on the weekends and there are maybe a handful of weekends where you get an extra day here or there.

The past two weekends have left us with only an afternoon or evening at the boat, some dinner with great friends and then home to get out of the rain.  I mean, it doesn’t stop Donna and I from watching a movie or two on the boat, in the rain and then heading home.  Oh well.  Maybe next weekend we will get out for a nice long ride.  Still looking forward to that first trip to Stellwagon to see some whales.

Let me leave you with a really nice photo some of the gang took after a rain storm.  See you on the high seas.


Posted by Captain SteveK

Captain’s Blog – Stardate 4/24 – 4/27 2009

Let me set it up for you – here was the outlook on the water for this weekend so lets just say we were very excited to be on the water this weekend.  The weather was to be summer like all weekend and it was.  First, we spent the evening on the boat on Friday getting ready for a nice weekend.  It was great to see everyone and we had Donna’s friend Catlin and her new boyfriend out for a lovely evening cruise.  It was great.  Seeing Boston Harbor in the evening from the water is beautiful.  We spent the night and then the next day Donna and I took a ride up to Danversport Yacht club to see the new Cobalt 37 (that is for sale by our friends at East Coast Flight Craft) in the water.  I was supposed to test drive it on Friday, however a few technical difficulties, as well as  time, didn’t give me the chance to take it for a spin.  That is okay, when it is time to upgrade, that will be the vessel.  Here is a shot of what she looks

like in the water.  It truly is a beautiful boat.  It was a great day for a ride too.  First things first, we needed to fuel up at our favorite fuel dock, Mystic Fuel (I mention them because they are really great – friendly and fair, good service and the place is very clean), so 125 gallons later (at $2.60 a gallon, and they aren’t taking my $.20/gallon discount card this year) we shoved off.  It was warm and it was nice to take a long ride from Boston to Danversport.  We even went though the bridge in Salem that needs to swing open.  The boat also ran fantastic.  We are starting the summer with 290 hours on the boat and we shall see what we get for time on the boat this summer.

Here is a photo of me, proud as the day is long on our journey.  After our trip north, we came back and hit another one of our favorite spots which is an inlet near Peddock Island in Boston Harbor.  We anchored and had some lunch and read some magazines.  Very relaxing.   That night we felt like we had sun stroke so we had dinner at the 99 restaurant in Charlestown and then hit Target for some snacks and supplies – like a nice movie to watch that evening.  I have to say we fell asleep right away.

The next morning we hung out with our friends at the marina for a bit – they are called out below and affectionately called, the “Cast of Characters” (see below).  There were a bunch of people saying that the boats from the Volvo Ocean Race would be coming in that day around noon.  Donna and I didn’t know what that was but after a few questions, we were told that some big sailing race boats were coming into the harbor.  Well, they didn’t make it at noon, but some friends of ours did.   We got a call from our friends Paul and Betty Ann (Paul runs Reel Pursuit Charter Fishing and is docked next to us) and they had come to the marina for a visit – as Paul’s boat isn’t in the water yet.  Donna and I picked up Paul and Betty Ann and we then ventured back into a nice leisurely trip around Boston Harbor and Spectacle Island.  On the way back, around 4PM we saw the Ericsson 4 Sailboat come into the

harbor near Deer Island Light, which marked the end of the journey to Boston for these guys after a month or so at sea.  It was pretty amazing, they had 2 ‘protector’ boats around them, 2 Coast Guard boats and the MA State Police.  Once the boat got into Boston Harbor near Logan Airport the Boston Fire Boat lit off it’s hoses and gave them a real parade through the harbor.  There must have been 30 other boat around them as you can see in the photos.

We then headed back to the marina to call it a weekend after a tremendous day on the water.  We got back and for the 3rd straight time, I have been able to easily dock the boat, I think I am finally getting the hang of it.  We cleaned the boat down and sure enough it became a cast of characters evening.  We started out having a couple of cocktails and before you knew it, 2, became 3, became 4 and we were laughing and having a grand old time.  We even laid out a secret plan to ‘Jack Rabbit’

people that miss behave at the marina this year – more on that later, but don’t get caught miss behaving.  The other strange thing was it went from 88 degrees while the sun was up to about 40 degrees, it was freezing and here you can see Mike and I bundled up, float coats and blanket.  It finally got too cold and the next day was a work day so we buttoned up the boat, said good bye to our friends and we are looking forward to perhaps a nice Thursday evening cruise and another fun weekend next weekend.  That is all for now.

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The ‘Cast of Characters’ from E Dock

Stevie - Dive In - NICE!

Stevie - Dive In - NICE!

Ryan - Life Less Ordinary

Ryan - Life Less Ordinary

Mike - no name - Working hard!

Mike - no name - Working hard!

There will be more photo’s of the cast of characters as the summer rolls along so stay tuned, and thanks for all your comments and feedback.

April 9th, 20092009 Boating Kick Off

Captain’s Blog – Stardate April 9, 2009

So the 2009 boating season is about to kick off.  I know, I know, its a bit early, as my father would tell me but I am anxious as usual.  I am also excited.  I have become quite the social networker over the past 12 months and have moved the blog to this new format and am excited to keep delivering content and perhaps capture some more followers.  Please tell all your friends about the new site and you can look forward to more stories, more photos and even video this year.  I also set up the blog in my Facebook account and you can find it in LinkedIn as well.  I also setup a twitter account called Captain SteveK – so when I am on the water or at the marina, I can give you play by play updates on what is going on.

What’s happened so far this year in the world of the Donna Julie II.  We went to the Boston boat show in February.  It was a great show and they had hull #5 of the new Cobalt 37.  I have to say, Donna and I spent about 4 hours sitting on that boat.  It is definitely the one we will upgrade to one day.  No other real surprise at the show.  Attendance was down and so were the number of boats at the show but it was to be expected.  I ran into a company at the show, Portland Mattress.  These guys are great.  We got a mattress pad for boat this year to make sleeping on it a bit more comfortable.

We solidified our slip at the show for this year.  Same slip so we are excited to be around our friends again.  We are looking froward to the Sea grass planting party on April 24th, the pool party next weekend, the Fisherman’s Feast in the North End, the 4th of July party we always have and  just a fun summer.

I made an attempt last week to put the boat in the water even earlier than normal but the weather didn’t cooperate so looks like we are shooting for next weekend.

Look for the stories to start flowing.  Oh, and I finally received my captain’s details in the mail.   Not sure if you remember but last year I went for my captain’s license and successfully passed.  All I needed was the paperwork to prove it and it finally showed up.

Well see you on the high seas.

Posted by, Captain SteveK

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